Success Through Collaboration

Our process for working with clients is simple and transparent. We meet to learn about your goals, interview you to uncover your story, create a storytelling strategy, review the strategy with you, and set dates to film, edit and create the final piece. Clients can place their stories on their platforms or we can deliver the story to a specific target audience through digital marketing strategies that utilize geo-fencing and web search data.

Service Offerings

Content Creation

  • Filmed video stories

    Video stories include creating a story strategy with the client, suggesting where the film might be shot and who might be interviewed, shooting the story and editing to produce a final video.

  • Social media

    Social media content can include photography, filming and editing so that a story can be leveraged across multiple platforms in various lengths and versions.

  • Written Stories

    Stories in text format can accompany video content or stand alone as their own story for websites, internal communications and more.

  • On-camera coaching

    Highly experienced coaching is included with each WMG video story as it is filmed. Coaching for specific on-camera opportunities is also available. Award-winning reporter and former news anchor Rafer Weigel provides all on-camera coaching.

Content Placement

  • Digital Marketing

    With pinpoint precision, right down to the exact mix of desired individual data points, including behavior and geographic location, your story is specifically placed to reach your target market. WMG’s flexible strategy allows your story to follow your audience wherever they digitally live.

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Well executed search engine optimization can elevate a business to the top of Google’s search results, generate website traffic and inquiries, substantially contributing to growth plans.

  • Social Media Strategy and Marketing

    Social media strategy and marketing includes the setup and optimization of social media content and networking to build trust, respect and credibility.

  • Virtual Fundraisers

    Virtual fundraisers can incorporate live, Zoom and video footage to engage donors and raise funds with heartfelt, inspiring storytelling. WMG has relationships with celebrities in specific cities who can deliver credibility to fund-raising efforts.