The Weigel Media Group Team

Weigel Media Group brings together talent from the worlds of television, journalism and digital marketing to deliver storytelling at a level that only seasoned professionals can deliver.  For time-strapped or budget-conscious clients, WMG gets to the heart of a story quickly, identifies story angles that will engage an audience, and produces a story at the same caliber as national news. Our digital partners ensure that each story reaches its ideal target audience.

Rafer Weigel

President and Chief Storyteller

Rafer Weigel is the president and founder of Weigel Media Group.  His passion for storytelling is evident in his decades of experience as a news anchor and reporter for television news and print media. Rafer has won multiple awards working at blue-chip companies, including CNN, Fox News, ABC 7 Chicago, Fox 2 St. Louis, the Chicago Sun-Times and the Los Angeles Times.

Years of reporting experience have honed Rafer’s ability to discern the personal connection in any story, from breaking news to a human-interest piece. Even as a sports reporter and anchor, he conveyed stories that appealed even to non-sports fans by focusing on the elements that transcended sports and resonated with viewers on a personal level.  At Weigel Media Group, Rafer is just as committed to identifying those client assets that connect with an audience. He gets to the heart of a story by using his interviewing skills to put people at ease to uncover their key messages. Learn more about why Rafer founded WMG here.

Eric Hoffhines

Lead Visual Content Manager

Eric Hoffhines is the lead visual content manager for Weigel Media Group. He brings to the position more than 30 years of experience filming news stories in Chicago for ABC, NBC, CNN and FOX 32.  Filming both feature stories and breaking news, Eric has developed a talent for quickly ascertaining the most important visual elements of a story, often as it is developing and in extreme conditions. He has been the lead cameraman for stories covering crime scenes, fast-paced sports championships, and heartbreaking human triumphs and tragedies. His editing skills support his visual captures by connecting the dots in each story to provide a seamless, holistic viewpoint. As an FAA Certified Drone Pilot, Eric adds drama to his visual storytelling with sweeping panoramas of outdoor landscapes and interior spaces. In addition to filming, Eric is an accomplished photographer who specializes in portraiture and lifestyle photography. He graduated from The Ohio State University with a BFA in Photography and Cinema.

Digital Marketing Partners

For clients who want their stories seen by a specific audience on digital platforms, WMG works with its marketing partners. WMG first collaborates with each client to determine its ideal target market, from age to location to special interests. It then identifies the optimal digital environments for story placement. Placement choices are wide and varied, ranging from the digital platforms of major media outlets, including the New York Times, CNN and the Wall Street Journal, to specialty websites such as retail, educational, lifestyle and magazine sites, social media, and more.